Dr. Gregory Jantz

Depression: Origins, Coping Mechanisms and New Approaches for Treatment



In the past fifteen years, the number of people suffering from depression in America has nearly doubled. Suicide rates continue to rise, and the World Health Organization says depression will be the #1 disease worldwide by 2020. As more people are slipping into the darkness of despair, how can we help them start healing?

Dr. Gregg Jantz encourages us to get away from the quick-fix mentality of chemical solutions and recognize that the whole person must be healed. Focusing on emotional, environmental, relational, physical, and spiritual causes of depression, Dr. Jantz provides a model for relief that takes into consideration the uniqueness of the suffering person and helps them tailor a solution specific to their needs.

  • Therapists and Counselors working with depression and anxiety disorders
  • Behavioral Healthcare Facilities that provide Mental Health Treatment
  • Attendee will be able to explain the history of depression diagnosis and summarize early, initial approaches to depression treatment
  • Attendee will be able to demonstrate knowledge of and contrast the different pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical approaches to depression, including components of mental health treatment programs
  • Attendee will be able to explain and differentiate modern approaches to depression treatment to include holistic and nutritional approaches to care

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This is a landmark book on Depression. The simple design is easy to read (even when you are depressed) and at the end of each chapter is easy to apply steps.

Living a life of purpose is one of the greatest defenses against depression. DR. GREGORY JANTZ