Dr. Gregory Jantz

The Art of Raising Young Boys



Based on the best-selling book Raising Boys By Design, by Dr. Jantz and co-author Michael Gurian (Waterbrook, 2013), this groundbreaking and humorous presentation provides a marvelous tool for parents, schools, and communities. Dr. Jantz traces what a boy needs to thrive, how girls and boys learn and grow differently, how acculturation and technology influence boys, and how to motivate boys for school success.

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Today boys and young men face unique challenges and pressures that can be troubling to parents. With the internet and advances in technology and media, the pressure on mothers and fathers to raise their sons in godly ways can feel overwhelming. Enjoy having practical tools, biblical advice, and decades of time-tested research and experience on raising your son at your fingertips with Dr. Jantz’s 5 Keys to Raising Boys.