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The “whole-person” approach is at the core of Dr. Gregg Jantz’s wide audience appeal and the high level of transformation he inspires. He believes everyone is a constellation of emotional, physical, intellectual, relational, and spiritual dimensions operating within the context of circumstance. By addressing and engaging each element through the kind of whole-person care offered at The Center, the entire person can emerge as a whole, healed human being.

To have Dr. Jantz to speak at your event, please fill out this form with the information about your event, and we will be in contact with you. For more information, contact Beth Chapman at bethc@aplaceofhope.com or 1-800-492-3910.

Frequently Asked Questions

We would prefer as much notice as possible in order to secure your date and adequately prepare for your event. Please contact Beth Chapman to discuss Dr. Jantz’s availability (bethc@aplaceofhope.com or 1-800-492-3910). If you have a short notice opportunity, we will do our best to accommodate your event.
Non Profit$5,000
Half Day$8,500
Full Day$10,000
Dr. Jantz requires round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, meals and ground transportation.
Dr. Jantz flies out of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).
Yes, Dr. Jantz frequently appears on television and participates in radio interviews. He has been featured on CNN, Fox Business News, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, Miracle Network in Canada, Oprah Radio, and the Gayle King Show among others.
Yes, we can ship books to your event. We will also work with you to provide a special book discount for people attending your event.
Yes, Dr. Jantz enjoys connecting with the audience after his speaking event and is available to autograph copies of his books.
Yes, in addition to keynote speaking events, Dr. Jantz is available to participate in panel discussions and to lead engaging workshops to help the audience delve deeper into his areas of expertise.
Yes, Dr. Jantz frequently adapts his speeches and workshops to fit your specific needs. We work with you to tailor a message that will positively impact and resonate with your audience.
Yes, Dr. Jantz can be recorded speaking at your event. When applicable, we request a copy of all photography of Dr. Jantz for our records and use. Dr. Jantz is also willing to provide a copy of his presentation to all interested audience members.
Dr. Jantz requires two weeks cancellation notice prior to the scheduled event. If the event is cancelled outside of these two weeks, Dr. Jantz will only charge for non-refundable, incurred travel costs.
Dr. Jantz provides a voice of hope. His sensitive, humorous, authoritative, and down-to-earth style informs and inspires. His life-affirming message gives individuals and corporate clients a changed perspective and the tools to fine-tune today’s most challenging issues. Gregory Jantz is that rare presenter who keeps his audience spell-bound, speaking with the effortless grace of a true healer, and the warmth, wit, and wisdom of a natural-born storyteller.
Nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Jantz began his career as an eating disorder specialist, but quickly realized treatment options were often insular and disjointed. Instead of settling for fractured care, Dr. Jantz helped develop a comprehensive, coordinated care approach, which he refers to as “whole-person care.”
Dr. Jantz is a pioneer and champion of the “whole-person” treatment approach. He believes that every human being is a constellation of emotional, physical, intellectual, relational, and spiritual dimensions operating within the context of circumstance. By addressing and engaging each element, the entire person can emerge as a whole and healed human being.
In addition to his personal website, Dr. Jantz is the founder of The Center • A Place of HOPE. He is a bestselling author of 28 books, and frequently writes for the Huffington Post and Psychology Today. Dr. Jantz also has an active YouTube channel that archives his past television and speaking engagements, and hosts a weekly radio show called Overcoming with Dr. Jantz.
The Center • A Place of HOPE is located in the town of Edmonds, Washington, which is a short 20 minute drive north of Seattle.
The Center • A Place of HOPE—recently recognized as the #1 Clinic in the United States For The Treatment of Depression—is a highly-regarded mental health and chemical dependency treatment facility that focuses on issues of depression, emotional abuse, eating disorders, weight loss, burnout, and sexual boundaries.

Speaking Topics

    Dr. Jantz covers a wide range of psychology and mental health topics. He is a thought-leader and expert on the following:

  • The Art of Raising Young Boys
  • How to De-Stress Your Life
  • Restoring Marital Relationships
  • Hooked – The Pitfalls of Media, Technology and Social Networking
  • Re-Energizing Workplace Productivity
  • The Power Within to Overcome Depression and Anxiety
  • Freedom From Disordered Eating
  • Addressing Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in the Workplace
  • Depression: Origins, Coping Mechanisms and New Approaches for Treatment


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Dr. Jantz’s Media Kit

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