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When Risk-Seeking Crosses the Line

Risk-seekers can become addicted to much more than gambling. Risk-seeking becomes addictive when the risk behaviors cross the line into danger or obsession. Helping a person understand a risk-seeking addiction can be difficult because people have such different ways of evaluating risk. One person I counseled was a mountain climber. We have some beautiful mountains [...]

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Projecting Respect at Work

Whether you are in a supervisory or subordinate role, God expects you to maintain sexual integrity.  If you are being pressured by a supervisor to have sex, do not give in.  Never compromise your values, your morals, or your faith because your job is threatened. If you are being propositioned by a subordinate for sex, [...]

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How To Raise a Happy, Healthy Teen

Whether you have a teenage girl or a teenage boy, there's a lot going on physically in that body and brain. As a parent, you can create some simple physical conditions to help support your teen’s maturation process. These conditions are commonsense items you already know about but may not have implemented for your teenager [...]

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Signs Your Son Has A Technology Addiction

Boys have a hard enough time concentrating, contemplating, and reflecting -- all executive functions centered in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, an area where teenage males are naturally not as fast to mature as we may like. So the last thing we need is for our sons to spend too much time with technology [...]

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Technology Addiction is Real

We’ve all joked about the anxiety we’ve felt when our cell phone is misplaced and scoffed in disbelief at “life before the internet.” While these comments are often made lightly, the weight of technology addiction is starting to truly sink in. Earlier this month, a U.S. Navy serviceman was treated for the first case of [...]