Rewriting Anxiety’s Script

What do actors do when they get a new script? In my limited theatrical experience, which happened far longer ago than I care to acknowledge, actors get together and do a read-through of the script. Sometimes, an actor is given the entire script and other times, an actor is given parts of the script, which [...]

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Are You the Definition of a Stay-Putter?

Bill was a classic stay-putter. Almost thirty, he’d never kept a job for more than a year. In between episodes of work, he found friends to take him in or crashed in his parents’ basement. By doing that, Bill was wearing out his welcome just about everywhere, including the basement. For almost a decade, Bill [...]

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Four Tips for Managing Your Anxiety

Anxieties often start in the mind and fast-forward to the body, resulting in rapid breathing, or hyperventilation. When you hyperventilate, you take in more oxygen than you need. Your ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide gets unbalanced, resulting in increased heart rate, tingling in your extremities, and feeling light-headed. Paradoxically, when you hyperventilate, you can [...]

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Anxiety: Accept the Small Stuff

One of the mistaken beliefs surrounding anxiety is that everything that happens centers around you.  This mistaken belief can take on a life of its own when you are in anxiety overload.  You become a raw nerve, jumping at everything that happens around you and at everyone you come into contact with.  In such a [...]

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Understanding Acute and Chronic Stress

Acute stress is the slam-on-the brakes kind of stress. It’s tied to a specific event that is perceived as either dangerous or demanding. Your body rallies around the emotional reaction of alarm and fear by preparing itself for fight or flight. In fact, that’s what the physical reaction is called: “the fight or flight response.” [...]

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Overcoming Holiday Stress

The holiday season is supposed to be filled with bright lights, delicious food, warmth, and loved ones. It is a time to be grateful for the abundance in your life, and to share your gratitude and appreciation with others. Unfortunately, for some people, it can also be a time of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and debilitating [...]

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The Physical Effects of Anxiety

Long-term, chronic stress leaches health out of your body. What is protective in the short term is toxic in the long term. Anxiety can have wreck havoc on your mental and emotional wellbeing, effecting your relationships and ability to function. Anxiety can also have a devastating effect on your physical body. Here are some of [...]

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Self-Medicating Anxiety Through Anger

Rarely do people just feel anxious. Most often, their anxiety is coupled with other addictions or issues that are either related or coping mechanisms to deal with the anxiety. Anger, for example anger can be both a consequence and a coping mechanism. When you are anxious, you feel more keyed up and less peaceful. When [...]

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