Are You the Definition of a Stay-Putter?

Bill was a classic stay-putter. Almost thirty, he’d never kept a job for more than a year. In between episodes of work, he found friends to take him in or crashed in his parents’ basement. By doing that, Bill was wearing out his welcome just about everywhere, including the basement. For almost a decade, Bill [...]

What is Your Relationship with Technology?

One of our local television stations runs a morning show in which I occasionally participate. Usually I speak about mental health issues or how people are affected by local or national events. On this particular morning, I was asked to speak about the effects of technology. I brought along a basket full of family devices [...]

Guiding Your Son’s Choices of Books, Video Games and Movies

Lessons of struggle, perseverance, character, strength, and hope are found not only in Scripture, but also in culture.  There are movies, books, and video games that capture the essence of heroism and can capture the heart of a boy.  Even flawed cultural offerings can provide an opportunity to instill character-building traits in boys.  You may, [...]

Helping Children Make Healthy Choices with Technology

The American Association of Pediatrics put out a statement about how parents should interact with media, or what we call technology. Read the list of suggestions from the AAP, and determine when you are going to implement each one. Number each item in the order you want to incorporate them into your family routine. Consider [...]

Studying Your Son’s Multitasking and Critical Thinking

As you consider measuring the impact technology has on your son, be sure to carefully study your son’s ability to multitask, including when his brain gets over-stimulated from too much multitasking. According to Michael Rich, executive director for the Center on Media and Child Health and an associate profession at the Harvard Medical School, teenagers [...]

Managing the Love Affair with Technology

Getting a novel gadget or using technology in a new way is much like entering into a new relationship. I remember when I got my first computer: I was in love. I remember when I first discovered the Internet: I was in love. Same thing when I started e-mailing: love at first byte! At first [...]

Signs Your Son Has A Technology Addiction

Boys have a hard enough time concentrating, contemplating, and reflecting -- all executive functions centered in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, an area where teenage males are naturally not as fast to mature as we may like. So the last thing we need is for our sons to spend too much time with technology [...]

Stuck in a Virtual Reality

I’ve always loved books and reading. As a kid, I could lose myself for hours in an exotic faraway place, transported by the combination of someone else’s written word and my own imagination. There was the real world I lived in, and a secondary place I could go. If given the time, I loved the [...]

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Do Multitaskers Have ADD?

I often hear people bragging about being great “multitaskers.” However, for many of these so-called “multitaskers,” multitasking isn't about doing multiple things at once; it's about managing multiple distractions. Multitasking shatters focus and concentration. When you’re constantly doing A-B-C-D-C-A-B-C-A-D-B, you never get to enjoy and focus on A or B, let alone C or D. [...]

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Is Facebook Destroying Friendship?

Using friend as a verb is a recent phenomenon, thanks to Facebook. According to its website, Facebook users average about 130 friends each. Some people attempt to accumulate friends like other people collect movie ticket stubs: for no real reason except it seems fun to have so many. Having friends on Facebook begets more friends [...]

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