Internet Addiction: The Ticking Timebomb

In our modern culture of 24/7 tethering to digital devices, a new societal phenomenon risks tearing apart the critical fiber of individuals, families and, indeed, our society. In this captivating presentation, Dr. Gregory Jantz takes the audience through various devices, websites, digital behaviors and attractors that produce and identify technology addiction. Learning up-to-date stats on behavior, masking techniques and negative consequences of obsessive digital addiction, Dr. Jantz provides proven tools and techniques to help treat those with technology addiction.

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Understand the various venues, devices and process used that lead to technology addiction
Understand the individual, familiar, professional and societal implications of technology addiction
Learn therapeutic and counseling techniques to treat those struggling with technology addiction

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Living a virtual life happens when you start to put more value in the experiences you create online than the ones encountered in real life.

-Dr. Gregory Jantz

Keynote Speaker + Media Expert

Dr. Gregory Jantz is recognized as the founder of the whole-person care model.