Whole-Person Treatment of Eating Disorders

It takes a village to raise a child, as the old adage says. Sometimes it takes a village to heal a child. Eating disorder treatment has often been seen through either the medical lens of a physician, or the psychological lens of the therapist, with little coordination between the two.  An eating disorder, however, is a complex amalgamation of a variety of factors. Dr. Gregory Jantz discusses why it takes more than a single professional to support recovery from an eating disorder.  Eating disorders will be viewed from a multi-causal perspective – looking at how emotional, relational, physical and spiritual factors are involved in both the genesis of the disorder and the path to recovery.  The need for an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach will be presented, as well as strategies for long-term recovery from persistent eating disorder behaviors and conditions, including nutritional strategies and the role of spirituality.

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Understand the components of the whole-person approach to treatment and recovery from eating disorders
Discover whole-person recovery strategies for persistent eating disorder behaviors and conditions
Learn tools and techniques in the whole-person treatment model that will be most effective for long-term recovery

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An eating disorder is a time bomb waiting to go off. Before you can do anything to defuse this bomb, you must first acknowledge its existence.

-Dr. Gregory Jantz

Keynote Speaker + Media Expert

Dr. Gregory Jantz is recognized as the founder of the whole-person care model.