Dr. Gregory Jantz

Actions to Become a More Positive Person

April 20, 2023

The world continues to prove that it can be a challenging place for us to live and thrive among our fellow man. We don’t have to look far to find many areas of our society that can instill fear and worry.

While we want our world to be safer and happier – and together we can lead movement in that direction – we know the world will present challenges to us for the rest of our lives.

I want you to be inspired and change the dynamic. Be more positive in your thoughts, more positive and encouraging in your words, and more thoughtful and purposeful in your actions.

Thoughts. Practice mindfulness. We all have negative thoughts at times. The task is to recognize them, actively tell ourselves to dispense of the negativity, and counter them with positive and more balanced thoughts. That doesn’t mean pretending everything is perfect. It means changing our initial mindset from negative to a positive.

Instead of, “Perfect. Another rainy, cold day. I’ll probably get drenched heading into work, and we’ll have to cancel our patio plans tonight.”

Try, “What a beautiful rain. I love to see how plants and flowers come alive, and waking up to the sound of rain is so peaceful. This evening, I’ll find a new movie or game to enjoy.”

Words. Words matter. And, they are born from our thoughts. Being mindful to create positive self-talk will have an impact on our words.

At times, we can all get frustrated. When you feel irritated or hurt, and you are ready to reply with a biting, harsh, or confrontational reply, recognize your feelings.

Tell yourself to pause for one moment, maybe two. Take a calm breath and say to yourself, “Everything is fine. This is not a big thing.” Understand there is power in staying calm and changing a negative exchange to a more balanced and non-emotional situation.

Instead of saying, “Yeah? Well who made you King? You have no idea what you are talking about.”

Try, “I’m glad you shared that with me. You have valid points. I want to have a positive conversation with you and better understand how each of us is feeling.”

Say “Thank you.”
Say “Excuse me.”
Say “I’m sorry” when appropriate.
Say “I love you” to those you love.

Actions. Many of us are set in our ways and don’t see the aggressiveness or intensity in ourselves that others see in us. Pick up on the words or subtle responses you get from others. Do you find yourself saying “No, I’m not irritated!” “You don’t need to calm down!” “Nothing’s wrong…what’s wrong with you?!”

Take an opportunity to show others you are making a positive change.

Smile. (Repeat frequently!)
Listen actively. Let others talk, and then ask thoughtful questions.
Offer to help when a friend or colleague notes they have a schedule conflict or difficulty completing a task.

It is one thing to read these words; it is another to put them into action. You must be purposeful. Place sticky notes by your bed or on the fridge.

Say positive affirmations each morning when you wake, and each evening before you drift asleep. Make it a habit. Wee the transformation that occurs in you.

1) Eat healthy, non-processed meals with fresh ingredients. Cut out simple sugars, and eat healthy desserts.
2) Stick to a practical, consistent fitness program you will be able to follow. To make it easier, find a workout partner and hold each other accountable.
3) Invest in your relationship with God. Talk to Him daily, ask for guidance, protection, and strength to make good decisions.
4) Care for others.

I know you can do each of these things – improve your thoughts, choose more uplifting and compassionate words, demonstrate more loving and caring actions, eat better, get consistent fitness, connect daily with God.

My life’s experience has shown me these are the building blocks of a fulfilling, balanced, and happy life.