Dr. Gregory Jantz

Facing Your Fears

April 28, 2014

There are so many things in life to be truly fearful of. So often we neglect those things in order to concentrate on the monsters of our own making or past. However, when we succumb to our own monsters, we can sometimes lose sight of the real risks at hand. For example, a person so frightened of going to the doctor doesn’t take precautionary care, only to be diagnosed with late stage cancer. A person afraid to fly has a life-threatening car wreck 5 miles from home. A person terrified of being overweight, at 82 pounds, goes to sleep one night and never wakes up. Our fears can often times become completely disengaged from the reality of risk. We decide our own dangers, often disregarding what is truly dangerous. We chase after the things that will harm us and run away from the things that can save us. Gaining proper perspective means changing how we think.

Are you ready to do that? Facing your fear means changing who you are, because up to this point you’ve been willing to live with your fear. You have allowed it to become part of who you are and define you.. You’ve been trying to manage your fear instead of working toward relieving it altogether. You allowed your fear to get bigger and your world to get smaller.

Remember, please, that I’m not talking about reasonable fears or reasonable precautions. I’m not talking about the very reasonable fear of sitting on the edge of a ledge overhanging the Grand Canyon. I’m talking about not even going to the Grand Canyon because you have a fear of heights. The more Grand Canyons you avoid, put off, or run from, the more your life is diminished. We were meant to live this life head up with all senses engaged, not huddled in a corner attending to our monsters.

This world is a large and often inhospitable place. In comparison, you and I can seem very small. Small things, by nature, fear larger things. But we are only small in and of ourselves. Remaining small is one option, but another exists. Each of us has been given the option to align ourselves with something bigger and greater than ourselves. For some, this can be God, the Universe, Jesus Christ, Allah, or simply love. Whatever you believe, find the strength and courage to face your fears. You will live a fuller, more joyful life as a result.

There are also many people that can support you during this journey. If you or a loved one have struggled with a traumatic event and are overcoming PTSD, you may need to seek professional help. Call The Center • A Place of HOPE to talk with a trained professional about recovery options.