Nothing is Etched in Stone

On my desk at The Center in Edmonds, Washington, is a beautiful, flat rock.  Carved into this rock that I use as a paperweight are the words, "Nothing is etched in stone."  I keep this motto in front of me as a reminder that God has given me an overwhelming sense of freedom to exercise [...]

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Anxiety: Accept the Small Stuff

One of the mistaken beliefs surrounding anxiety is that everything that happens centers around you.  This mistaken belief can take on a life of its own when you are in anxiety overload.  You become a raw nerve, jumping at everything that happens around you and at everyone you come into contact with.  In such a [...]

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Facing Your Fears

There are so many things in life to be truly fearful of. So often we neglect those things in order to concentrate on the monsters of our own making or past. However, when we succumb to our own monsters, we can sometimes lose sight of the real risks at hand. For example, a person so [...]

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