Dr. Gregory Jantz

Baby Steps Toward Healing

January 30, 2015

Perhaps you are a single mother who is working full time. Your kids are with a babysitter or in day care all day. You feel angry, bitter, guilty. Or, maybe you’re a pastor or youth worker in a church. You spend every hour serving God, loving people, and making a difference in the lives of others. Yet your own marriage is a disaster. You’ve lost the art of communication with your spouse. Passion is only a word in the dictionary. You’re ready to call it quits.

Perhaps you’ve gained thirty pounds over the last year, and you’ve finally admitted that food is your only true friend. You may have a problem with drinking, or are afflicted with a sexual addiction, or find yourself emotionally or physically abusing others. Whatever your challenge may be, it has you in a vice grip from which you can see no escape.

To some degree, we’ve all been there. We’ve all broken down in times of weakness. We’ve suffered, brought pain on ourselves, denied our problems, and refused to seek help—all elements of depression and anxiety. But when we finally reached out for help, we then started to make progress through a series of baby steps that put us back on a path of hope, health, and happiness. If you have never walked that path, this is the time to start.

Because I have been hopelessly weak in so many areas of my own life, and at times have not accessed the power of God when I needed him most, I feel I can walk with you in your weakness. Just as it’s difficult to know black if you’ve never seen white, I know what strong is because I once lived so long with weak. Please don’t misunderstand. I have not arrived; I’ve learned through years of experience that a healthy person is a growing person. We are all growing, each and every day. Grow towards hope and healing.

Healing begins when we finally believe in our heart that we are God’s children, and that he loves us more than we will ever know. We need to start by getting rid of all the killers of our mind, body, and spirit: the junk food, the negative thinking, the lack of faith, the alcohol, the acceptance of abuse. Baby steps are required. They are the all-important steps toward inner healing.

Helping people take this first step, and guiding them each step of the way towards recovery, hope, and healing is what has inspired my life’s work. It is what inspired the creation of The Center • A Place of HOPE. Our mission is To Change Lives for Good. We are here to help you take this first step, and regain the life you were meant to live. Each person that comes to The Center • A Place of HOPE is unique, which means that their recovery journey will be equally unique. We are ready to help you on this journey to uncover your true, healthy, happy self. If you are ready to take the first step on this journey, fill out this form or call 1-888-747-5592 to speak with a recovery specialist today.