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Creating Healthy Relationships with Intention

As you work to create a healthier life, it’s important to look at ways you can strengthen your relationships. Strong relationships should be the main source of comfort and gratification in your life. Yet, at times, you may turn to food to fill a void. Food is nourishment and nutrition; it’s not the answer for [...]

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Understanding Acute and Chronic Stress

Acute stress is the slam-on-the brakes kind of stress. It’s tied to a specific event that is perceived as either dangerous or demanding. Your body rallies around the emotional reaction of alarm and fear by preparing itself for fight or flight. In fact, that’s what the physical reaction is called: “the fight or flight response.” [...]

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Overcoming Panic Attacks

It all started with an elevator. Janice was taking the elevator up to her usual floor at work one day when the elevator malfunctioned. She was trapped inside for hours until someone was finally able to get it working properly again. As hard as it was to overcome, Janice was beginning to put it behind [...]

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