Studying Your Son’s Multitasking and Critical Thinking

As you consider measuring the impact technology has on your son, be sure to carefully study your son’s ability to multitask, including when his brain gets over-stimulated from too much multitasking. According to Michael Rich, executive director for the Center on Media and Child Health and an associate profession at the Harvard Medical School, teenagers [...]

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Do Multitaskers Have ADD?

I often hear people bragging about being great “multitaskers.” However, for many of these so-called “multitaskers,” multitasking isn't about doing multiple things at once; it's about managing multiple distractions. Multitasking shatters focus and concentration. When you’re constantly doing A-B-C-D-C-A-B-C-A-D-B, you never get to enjoy and focus on A or B, let alone C or D. [...]

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