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Episode #28 Dr. Jantz Discusses Triumph Over Trauma

If there is one issue we know about the cause of depression, anxiety, addiction, and mental health struggles…it can be traced back to unresolved trauma. Trauma can be excruciatingly painful. It lingers. It resurfaces. It hides around the corner to confront us at inopportune times. It saps us of our confidence, our strength, and our happiness.

Often referred to as PTSD, or post-traumatic disturbances, trauma stems from a singular or series of dramatic and potentially shocking events. It can be from the battlefield in war. It can be from seeing a horrific accident. It can result form violence inflicted upon yourself, or another. It can be from an intensely abusive relationship, or sexual assault. It can be from the sudden loss of a loved one.

The question ultimately becomes, “how do I resolve my trauma and move on in a healthy and productive way?”

It begins by looking at the root causes of the trauma. They may be from childhood. They may be from a recent difficult relationship. It could be from suppressed memories from the battlefield. It could be a combination and accumulation of those and others.

Once the root causes are understood, then the work of resolving those life episodes needs to begin. Therapy is almost always the best way for someone to achieve resolution, and to regain the confidence and strength they need to live a fulfilled and balanced life moving forward.

If you experience trauma, there is HOPE! We know from therapeutic results, that trauma is not just treatable, but can be overcome.

In this podcast, Dr. Jantz helps us understand how life events can lead to trauma. He explains what the characteristics are of someone who lives with unresolved trauma. And finally, he walks through ways you can help improve and begin to work through your trauma on a daily basis.

In today’s post-pandemic, high-stress world we live in, trauma is at epidemic levels. This podcast can help those who struggle with it. Forward this podcast to friends who may be struggling with trauma. It may manifest in depression, anxiety, excessive worry and fear, or quick-to-anger behavior. In each case, this podcast may be a great resources to begin the recovery process.

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