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Episode #9 Dr. Gregory Jantz Discusses the Different Types of Emotional Abuse and Abusers

Dr. Gregory Jantz continues his mini-series on emotional abuse. There is a high correlation between emotional abuse and physical abuse. Dr. Jantz notes that initial verbal abuse, especially early in a relationship, is often a predictor of physical abuse later in a relationship. Emotional abuse can be verbal berating, but it can also manifest in other forms. Men are more likely to commit emotional abuse, though it is not exclusive to the male gender.
Emotional abuse include ridicule, belittlement, exerting control in many or all aspects of a relationship, overbearance, silence or isolation, the threat of exposing personal information or secrets, and more. Over time, it wears on the emotional and psychological well-being of the partner. The damage to the other’s mental health can be deep-seated and long-lasting. Treatment is often needed to recover.

Considered one of the world’s leading experts on the various forms of abuse, Dr. Jantz is the author of the seminal best-selling book Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse. Additionally, his award-winning treatment facility, The Center • A Place of HOPE in Edmonds, Washington, successfully treats emotionally abusive relationships using the whole person care approach to healing.

Today, Dr. Jantz discusses the different types of emotional abuse, and what are the characteristics of those who abuse emotionally. As always, Dr. Jantz provides tips and techniques you can use every day to help improve an emotionally abusive relationship. He notes that there may be times to acknowledge when an emotionally abusive relationship may not be recoverable.

For listeners suffering from emotionally abusive relationships, Dr. Jantz provides knowledge and comfort, and helps them know there is hope and healing from this difficult relationships.

Please share this with those who may be struggling with an emotionally abusive relationship.

There is good news. Anxiety, worry and fear from abusive relationships is treatable. The Center • A Place of HOPE, the treatment facility founded by Dr. Jantz and recognized as a top 10 mental health center in the U.S., has treated thousands suffering from abusive relationships. If you or someone you care for is struggling with a difficult relationship, please call The Center today and visit with a specialist about what a treatment program can look like for you.

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