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Episode #24 Dr. Gregory Jantz Discusses Sleep and How to Improve It

When it comes to discussing mental health, we don’t usually think of sleep as one of the first topics. But you could argue that improving the quality of our sleep could have a more dramatic impact on our mental well-being than almost anything else.

We all know we feel better after a good night’s sleep, and that we are more more irritable and hazy when sleep deprived. But there now is scientific evidence showing sleep is critical to not just our physical health, but our mental health as well. In fact, not enough, ,or poor-quality sleep is shown to increase negative emotional responses to stressors, while decreasing positive emotions.

When we are getting consistent, restful, deeper REM sleep, we have more physical and mental energy, and our body doesn’t need to work as hard to focus and complete tasks. We have more strength to withstand challenging situations, and have a more positive outlook on life.

But wanting good sleep, and getting good sleep can be two different stories. Why is quality sleep so elusive to so many of us? And are there things we can do in our daily routine to help without resorting to prescriptions or strong over the counter products?

In this podcast, Dr. Jantz explains what contributes to poor sleep, how it makes you feel, and what consistently poor sleep can do to our mental health. He then gives us practical tips that we can all do to help improve our quality of sleep.

You don;’t want to miss this podcast – it may be the one that literally gives you a new lease on life!

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