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Episode #26 Dr. Gregory Jantz Discusses Silent Depression in Relationships

Depression is at epidemic levels, and shows no signs of abating post-pandemic. It is the second most diagnosed health issues in America.

But what is “silent depression,” and why is it so prevalent – and not discussed – in relationships?

Silent depression is something we work hard to hide. Silent depression can be silent simply because the person doesn’t recognize they are in a depressed state. Another way it is silent is by the individual suppressing known symptoms, or discounting and denying it. Either way, the depression is real.

The danger of silent depression is that everything feels normal, because it has evolved over time. The result is long-term,, deep-seated depression that can take more time and therapy to resolve. It can erode intimacy, control mood, behavior, social engagement, and effect one’s entire quality of life.

In this podcast, Dr. Jantz explains how one can find themself in silent depression, and then what to do about it. This is particularly present in long-term marriages and other close relationships. It results in emotional isolation.

Forward this podcast to friends who may be struggling with silent depression in their relationships.

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