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Dr. Jantz Podcast #14

Episode #14 Dr. Gregory Jantz Discusses How to Heal and Recover from Betrayal

If there is one area that cuts deeper than almost anything, it is betrayal. And for many of those worlds that have been rocked, there is no greater need in life than healing from betrayal.

Have you or a loved one been the recipient of betrayal? It can be devastating, and left unresolved, can suck happiness and meaning from our lives. But there is hope. Working through a betrayal can be extremely hard, but it can also be extremely healing. Sometimes relationships can recover. Sometimes they cannot. But for the betrayed individual, is it crucial to heal and recover.

In this podcast, mental health and relationship expert Dr. Gregory Jantz helps you understand not just why betrayal happens, but how you can work to cleanse yourself of the pain, resentment, anger, and hopelessness that can often follow. There is hope, healing, and a life of fulfillment and happiness on the other side of betrayal. Dr. Jantz will provide meaningful tips and thoughts to help you on your journey.

Dr. Jantz’s award-winning treatment facility, The Center • A Place of HOPE in Edmonds, Washington, successfully treats those who have experienced betrayal in their relationships. The Center uses the whole person care approach to healing. Please share this with those who may be struggling with betrayal.

There is good news. Unhealthy relationships are treatable. The Center • A Place of HOPE is recognized as a top 10 mental health center in the U.S., and has treated thousands suffering from traumatic relationships.
If you or someone you care for is struggling with a difficult relationship, please call The Center today and visit with a specialist about what a treatment program can look like for you.

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