Dr. Gregory Jantz

Hope & Possibilities Podcast

Episode #13 Dr. Gregory Jantz Discusses How to Develop Healthy Relationships

Dr. Gregory Jantz discusses what defines a healthy relationship, and how to invest in your relationship to make it healthier.

Who is trustworthy? What is a healthy relationship? Is there hope and the possibility of a healthy relationship?

There is! But it can take work, and it can take recognizing red flags.

This series continues with real life issues – shame, abuse, anxiety. Today, let’s talk about healthy relationships. You may be in an unhealthy relationship today. Let’s talk about whether it can change, or whether we need to adjust and transition.

In this podcast, Dr. Jantz helps you understand how unhealthy relationships develop, and tools to course correct. Or, to recognize when they may be beyond repair. We also talk about techniques to create a healthy relationship from the outset, and how to continue to invest in a relationship to keep it healthy.

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