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Episode #27 Dr. Gregory Jantz Discusses How to Achieve Emotional Wellness

The Holy Grail of mental health – emotional wellness. It is the goal for all of us. But how can we achieve it in a world that can feel like it pushes, and pressures, and batters us with new challenges on a daily basis.

Mental health challenges – whether depression or anxiety, relationships and emotional abuse, PTSD, or an eating disorder – have a ripe environment to thrive in today’s society.

But there is HOPE! Today, we know more about the brain, our physiology, and the connection between sleep, fitness, and nutrition and our mental health, than ever before. Armed with that knowledge, there are steps we can take every day to cleanse and strengthen our mental health.

In this podcast, Dr. Jantz explains the history of mental health treatment, and why today we have more knowledge and tools than ever before. He then explains the keys to emotional wellness. Emotionally well people share common characteristics:

  • An ability to deal with reality
  • Emotion regulation
  • Ability to manage unpleasant emotions
  • Ability to adapt to change – a new job, moving…normal life changes
  • Can initiate forgiveness and shows grace
  • Can let go of anger, bitterness, resentment, and toxic emotions
  • Has t capacity to give and receive love
  • Practices gratitude
  • Has optimism and hope for the future

These characteristics may be challenging at times, as life presents unique challenges. But emotionally healthy people always re-center back to these traits. Are you there? Do you need help getting there? Start by journaling and affirming these positive attributes in your thoughts, words, and actions. Be consistent, and do it daily. Recognize when you lapse, and strive to do better. Over time, your thought/word/action pattern will take root.

Forward this podcast to friends who may be struggling with their emotional wellness.

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