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Episode #17 Dr. Gregory Jantz Discusses Holiday Stress and Anxiety

There is always some stress around the holidays. Expectations, family in town, end-of-year stuff. But does this year feel even more filled with stress…even chronic, unrelenting stress? We have come through three years of pandemic-related, election-related, economy-concerned, public safety concerned, times. If you are looking for things to add stress and anxiety to your life, you don’t have to look very far!

But that’s not the life we have to live. We still can live a balanced, calm, and thoughtful life. We just need a few new tools for our toolkit.

In today’s podcast, talk about why we feel extra stress during this time of year. We then discuss ways to control or stress, and simple tools and techniques not just to get by, but tho thrive during this holiday season.

If you are struggling with stress, anxiety and depression this season, please listen to this podcast. Share it with a friend who needs some encouragement this season. There is Hope and Possibility for a happy and fulfilling holiday season this year.

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