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Episode #25 Dr. Gregory Jantz Discusses Enmeshment Trauma, a Form of Dysfunctional Relationships

Enmeshment trauma. It sounds severe, but what is it? Enmeshment refers to a type of codependency where one becomes enmeshed in another to the point where their identity revolves around someone else. It is an encompassing “reality” where one feels they can’t exist without not just the other person, but also without their historical experiences upon which to draw. When the potential loss of that relationship becomes a possibility, severe trauma can be felt.

This is stronger than a normal breakup, which can be very difficult in its own right. Couple that with the perceived loss of identity – and the potential loss of all that is enmeshed in one’s identify – and you can see how it can go from difficult to traumatic. Without help, not just recovery is very challenging. but the ability to avoid continual enmeshment in each future relationship becomes harder and harder.

Recovery from enmeshment can take a long time, and relapse is a very real concern. Surrounding one’s self with strong, balanced, and healthy people is a good start.

In this podcast, Dr. Jantz explains what enmeshment trauma is, how it makes you feel, and how it can develop insidiously over time. He then offers tools to help overcome enmeshment.

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