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Episode #11 Dr. Gregory Jantz Discusses Emotional Abuse & Relationships

Relationships can be challenging, as well as rewarding. But when abuse enters into one, the dynamic changes significantly. Left unresolved and attitudes can harden, making it more difficult to course correct.

Can two individuals change the dynamic, re-center, re-balance, re-respect, and forgive when emotional abuse has taken hold?

Dr. Gregory Jantz discusses the serious issue of emotional abuse in close relationships. Emotional abuse is wide spread, with up to 4 in 5 adults experiencing emotional it in their lifetime.

In this podcast, the 4th in this Emotional Abuse series, Dr. Jantz discusses why relationships devolve into emotional abuse, and what you can do to help recover an emotionally abusive relationship.

Is your relationship repairable? Dr. Jantz provides powerful tools that can help.

How do you know when too much damage may have been done? Dr. Jantz provides thoughts on helping one understand when “enough may be enough,” and when more effort can be helpful.

Dr. Jantz is one of the world’s leading experts on emotional abuse, and the author of the seminal best-selling book Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse. Additionally, his award-winning treatment facility, The Center • A Place of HOPE in Edmonds, Washington, successfully treats emotionally abusive relationships using the whole person care approach to healing.

Please share this with those who may be struggling with an emotionally abusive relationship.

There is good news. Anxiety, worry and fear from abusive relationships is treatable. The Center • A Place of HOPE, the treatment facility founded by Dr. Jantz and recognized as a top 10 mental health center in the U.S., has treated thousands suffering from abusive relationships.

If you or someone you care for is struggling with a difficult relationship, please call The Center today and visit with a specialist about what a treatment program can look like for you.

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