Dr. Gregory Jantz

Hope & Possibilities Podcast

Episode #6 Dr. Gregory Jantz Discusses Depression, What Defines It, Symptoms, and How You Can Overcome It

Dr. Gregory Jantz has spent his entire professional life understanding the complexities of depression. Now considered one of the world’s leading experts on depression, and the author of the best-selling book Healing Depression For Life, Dr. Jantz discusses what characterizes clinical depression. And as he always does, Dr. Jantz provides tips and techniques you can do every day to help improve your depression symptoms.

Bi-polar, manic depression and co-occurring depression and anxiety are discussed. pushing the field of mental health treatment to do more, to be better. He founded the treatment approach Whole Person Care three decades ago and explains how that approach is key to recovering from depression. In this episode, Dr. Jantz speaks frankly, but in a very approachable way, about why you have become depressed, and what steps you can take to change your course. There are a lot of great takeaways and discussion items in this podcast. Enjoy!