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Episode #23 Dr. Gregory Jantz Discusses Agoraphobia and How to Overcome It

You may have heard a relatively new or uncommon word lately from the family of anxieties – agoraphobia. In fact, while traditionally fairly rare (affecting 1-2% of the population), we are seeing a dramatic increase in it post-pandemic.

But what is agoraphobia? It is an extreme or irrational fear of entering crowded places, leaving one’s home, or being in areas where escape is harrowing.

In his new memoir, Spare, Prince Harry shares his past struggle with agoraphobia. This has brought light to an affliction with which many suffer in silence.

Whether rational or not, the physical and psychological effects of agoraphobia are very real. It is a form of anxiety that may affect more than 10 million Americans, and is on the rise. It is more prevalent in women than men.

We are talking about more than just getting nervous to address the crowd at a conference or a Chamber of Commerce dinner. That is a normal reaction when one is unaccustomed to having many people stare at them while speaking.

Agoraphobia goes well beyond that. The mere thought of leaving the house to get groceries can cause an intense fear and physical reaction, Left untreated, agoraphobia can worsen over time. In fact, only about 10% of people who suffer from Agoraphobia will recover without treatment.

In this podcast, Dr. Jantz explains what agoraphobia is, how it makes you feel, and what we can do to overcome it.

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