Dr. Gregory Jantz

Hope & Possibilities Podcast

Episode #50 Dr. Jantz Discusses Betrayal

In this episode of “Hope & Possibilities,” Dr. Jantz delves into the painful experience of betrayal. If you have experience betrayal, you know first-hand that it can shatter trust, induce despair, and wreak havoc on both emotional and physical well-being.
Betrayal can occur in many different forms – from personal relationships to the workplace. It is important to acknowledge the trauma that results from betrayal and seek comprehensive healing, which involves not only understanding the betrayal but also learning to manage emotions like anger, guilt, and shame. Recovery is a gradual process, requiring patience, self-compassion, and often professional support. Ultimately, Dr. Jantz affirms that it is possible to overcome the devastation of betrayal and rebuild a foundation of trust and resilience.
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