Dr. Gregory Jantz

Hope & Possibilities Podcast

Episode #43 Dr. Jantz in Discussion with Pastor Paul Daugherty

In this podcast episode, Dr. Jantz talks with Paul Daugherty, lead pastor at Victory church in Tulsa, OK, author, and podcast host. Daugherty recently released his book Mind Games about the mental health crisis occurring in churches today. This book dives into the church’s unfortunate track record of handling mental health issues and offers practical tools for overcoming depression, anxiety, and insecurity.

Dr. Jantz and Daugherty discuss his personal story of battling depression after the loss of his father and the highs and lows of his healing journey. As someone who experienced mental health struggles first-hand, Daugherty is on a mission to help others find mental and emotional victory. Listen to this podcast for an enlightening conversation about Daugherty’s story and strategies for living a life of HOPE.

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