Dear Friend,

It was a true pleasure to visit with you at the Lifestyle Intervention Conference in Las Vegas. Thank you so much for attending my “Whole Person Treatment of Eating Disorders” presentation.

As you requested, here is the LifeStyle Intervention Conference “Whole Person Treatment of Eating Disorders” presentation:

[slideshare id=40941374&doc=zc8evngzqq6xizlxzugw-signature-8b56322191897571cf778ebea9c96f8d4feb9314a82226c3f6963d8c5df657fd-poli-141030181425-conversion-gate02]


A couple of other notes which may be of interest to you:

1. Professional Health & Wellness Program

Along with Dr. Tim Clinton, I and the staff at The Center · A Place of HOPE have developed the Professional Health & Wellness Program. This program was created for professionals just like you, by fellow professionals who understand the demands and rigors of your job.

You are relied upon by so many to help them through life’s most difficult challenges. It is only normal that many of us experience compassion fatigue and burnout.

The Professional Health & Wellness Program is a one-week intensive in a luxurious, secluded and beautiful setting in the Pacific Northwest. Collaborate with fellow peers and earn up to 10 CEUs, relax and rejuvenate in tranquility away from the stressors of your everyday environment, and work on the personal issues that you know are keeping you from being your very best. It is a special, transformative program.

More Details: The Center · A Place of HOPE’s Professional Health and Wellness Program

2. The Center · A Place of HOPE’s Referral Program

Do you have a client or patient that may require intensive help for depression, anxiety, emotional, sexual or physical abuse, or addiction recovery? Please review our referral program. We would love to work with you and be a partner to provide the best care possible for your clients.

The Center · A Place of HOPE’s Referral Program

Wishing you success and blessings in your professional endeavors.

With HOPE!

– Dr. Gregory Jantz, Founder
The Center • A Place of Hope