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Dr. Jantz, the Visionary

Dr. Gregg JantzNearly 30 years ago, eating disorder specialist Dr. Gregory Jantz had a vision of hope. Trained in counseling, he looked at the treatment options available and realized something was missing. In all areas of need – from eating disorders to depression – hurting people went to a doctor, a psychiatrist, a counselor, and a pastor, going from place-to-place looking for hope, help and healing from their pain. At each junction, they received help for a piece of the puzzle, but that puzzle often remained unsolved.

Instead of settling for fractured care, Dr. Jantz created The Center, A Place of HOPE. The Center has leaders in whole-person care where people find comprehensive, coordinated care from a team of world class professionals. These professionals address medical, physical, psychological, emotional, nutritional, fitness and spiritual factors involved in recovery. The Center is recognized as the #1 facility for the treatment of depression in the United States.

Dr. Jantz, the Speaker

The "whole-person" approach is at the core of Dr. Jantz's wide audience appeal and the high level of transformation he inspires. He believes everyone is a constellation of emotional, physical, intellectual, relational, and spiritual dimensions operating within the context of circumstance. By addressing and engaging each element through the kind of whole-person care offered at The Center, the entire person can emerge as a whole, healed human being.

Dr. Jantz is a best-selling author of 28 books. He is a go-to media source expert for a range of behavioral-based afflictions, along with alcohol and drug addictions. Dr. Jantz has appeared on CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, and has been interviewed for the New York Post, Associated Press, Family Circle, and Women's Day. He writes blogs for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

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Stress, Depression, Grief, PTSD, Abuse and more

Overcoming with Dr. Gregg Dr. Jantz is a sought after speaker, appearing internationally as an entertaining and captivating presenter on a wide range of behavioral and dependency disorders, as well as the art and science of overcoming the challenges of raising young boys.

To bring Dr. Jantz to your conference or for your media event, please contact Beth at bethc@aplaceofhope.com or call her at 1.800.492.3910.

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